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Gay Friend Finder Review
GayFriendFinder is an online social networking community that enables you to keep track of your connections, make new connections, and discover how you connect with your connections' networks. Gay Friend Finder is a Rated R site, meaning that adult content is permitted, though there are plenty of ways to filter GayFriendFinder if a more PG experience is what you're after. Started in 1996, the Friend Finder Network distinguishes itself from other dating and matchmaking sites by focusing heavily on creating and building a sense of community. Click here to learn more!

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8 /10
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Search Functionality/Accuracy:
8 /10
8 /10
Organization/Ease of Use:
4 /5
Overall Score:

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And today, with 25 communities including GayFriendFinder, the Friend Finder Network now serves over 100,000,000 registered members. Some of the features that make it unique include a captivating assortment of themed chat rooms, an extensive array of articles on a variety of relevant subjects, member and site-submitted polls, and a fantastic feature for fostering ongoing member interactivity, user-generated blogs. Additionally, as GayFriendFinder is about building a growing network of friends as much as it is of finding a prospective mate, it allows you to create and control two profiles, one for your personal interests and one for more professional purposes.

Relationship Types

  • Homosexual Men
  • Bisexual Men
  • Friends
  • Dating
  • A Serious Relationship
  • Marriage


Global site serving the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and countries throughout Africa, Oceania, the Caribbean, Europe, Central America, Asia, North America, South America, and the Middle East.

Free Trial Membership? Yes!

Features included in free membership:
It is free to use GayFriendFinder's search engines, network tools, email functionality, and other features.
Guests may still browse the site and member listings, but they must register to be allowed to view member profiles or receive communication from any members without registering for at least a free membership.


$20.95 per month (73% off for 1 year prepaid, plus you get several months free as a bonus)

Get started with Gay Friend Finder now!
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Number of Members

Over 316,000 members, all of whom are male.

Safety / Screening Process of Members

There is no screening of members at GayFriendFinder.

Use your discretion when using GayFriendFinder to meet people, the site's Terms advise - as they do on most dating sites - but on this site in particular it's worth knowing that there's a heavier than average focus on sex, despite the company's own efforts towards a more networking oriented m.o. Whether or not sex is what you're seeking here, be hyper-alert that it's what most of the members you'll meet here want.

Search Functionality / Options

  • Browse by region (state, province, or country)
  • Browse "Who's Online"
  • Browse Popular Profiles
  • Quick Search:
    • Age range
    • Country
    • State
    • Zip Code
  • Personal and Professional Profiles - run multiple profiles to serve different uses

Organization / Ease of Use

GayFriendFinder is truly a network, as all of the features offered to members tie into one another for the easiest in referencing, storing, organizing and retrieving information on possible matches and men of interest.

Member Interactivity

  • Send and receive email with private Cupid Email accounts
  • Member Blogs
  • Member Forums - organized into dozens of categories
  • Webcam Chat
  • Chat rooms organized by region and topically/by theme, such as:
    • Hot Tub - for hot and steamy action
    • Open Door - for people in an open relationship and those seeking them
    • Brawl Room - for airing out your dirty laundry and getting things off your chest
    • The Cabaret - for divas and drag queens
    • Clean Room - for Rated PG chat
    • Screening Room - for sharing pics
    • Gender eXchange Room - for transvestites, transsexuals, transgenders, and those interested in them
    • Leather Bar - for bikers and leathermen
  • My Magazine - an electronic journal of user-generated content
  • Member Advice Lines - for asking and answering all sorts of dating, sex, and online matchmaking questions; includes a searchable selection of the Most Respected Responders
  • Polls
    • Member-Submitted polls
    • GayFriendFinder polls
  • Member Articles - informative and inspiring articles, pointers, and jokes printed by and for members, searchable and able to be browsed by category; categories include:
    • Bisexual Issues
    • Breaking Up
    • Building a Relationship
    • Coming Out
    • Current Events
    • Dating Safety
    • Family Issues
    • Fashion/Style
    • First Dates
    • Gay Pride
    • Gay Travel
    • General Advice
    • Health/Spirituality
    • Jokes
    • Life in the Closet
    • Love
    • Poems
    • Politics
    • Rants and Raves
    • Relationship Humor
    • Saying "No Thanks"
    • Wedding/Commitment
  • Daily Horoscopes
  • Photo Rating system
  • Free electronic greeting cards

Refund Policy

Refunds on prepaid portions for unused periods are given only if members are forced to cancel their membership due to disability or death.

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