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Why Use an Online Dating Site

Once upon a time, online dating was considered only a last resort for people unable to make connections in "real life", but those days are gone. Thanks to the increasing popularity and widespread acceptance of the internet as a ubiquitous personal tool, the social stigma behind internet dating has been replaced with a preponderance of excellent mainstream online dating sites that are safe, reliable, and above all - popular.
Here are some more reasons why anyone looking to find friends, dates, or that special someone should seriously consider taking his/her search to the web:

  • Choice: With a global geographic reach, online dating provides far more choices of prospective people to meet than one would ever find in everyday life.

  • Cost-Savings: Online dating is much cheaper than other types of dating and matchmaking services. And it's cheaper too than running your typical newspaper or print magazine personals ad over and over again. Likewise, attending singles events can also put a considerable dent in your wallet. But most dating sites have a reasonable monthly fee that grants you unlimited access to searching and contacting others in the website's database.

  • Anonymity: Online dating alleviates much of the potential for fear of rejection as the people who search your profile and those you contact only know as much about you as you reveal to them in your photo and profile. They won't know your name until and unless you give it to them. And rejection doesn't hurt as much when it comes in the form of a lack of response to an email as it does face to face. It's a lot easier to be courageous and take chances reaching out to attractive strangers when you're miles away, in the comfort of your own home environment.

  • Information: When you meet someone in a bar or other public place, or even oftentimes through an arrangement made by a mutual friend, you know very little about the person you're meeting. Much of the initial interaction comes down to a spur-of-the-moment assessment of physical qualities with questions of compatibility taking hours and possibly several dates to scratch the surface of. In online dating, on the other hand, you can read all about someone's hobbies, interests, goals, and experiences before ever deciding whether or not to reach out and contact him or her.

  • Finding Your Niche: You can now find popular online dating sites catering to specific niches that matter to you. For example, if religion is of key importance in your life, you can likely find a dating site with members all sharing that same religious background - be it Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, etc. Same with ethnicities - Arab, Italian, etc. Single parents, millionaires, seniors - nowadays there's a dating site for nearly every kind of group imaginable.

With these benefits available to you, the question then should not be 'why use an online dating site', but 'why not?'.

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