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Top Signs Your Online Guy Has An Offline Wife

As the world of online dating grows, becoming increasingly popular and acceptable, so do the risks.  Unfortunately, online dating is a pretty convenient way for married men to shop around.  And considering a whopping 25-35% of men involved in online dating are actually married, there’s a good chance you’ll come across a member of this group at some point in your online travels.

Here are some of the red flags that should clue you into his offline marital status:

  • He has no online photo.  If he doesn’t have a picture of himself on his profile, but he sends you a bunch on request, you have to wonder—what is he trying to hide?

  • He won’t give you his home phone number.  If he asks for your number, so that he can speak with you on the phone, try asking for his number instead, and see what his response is.  He might still want to be the one who makes the first call, but he shouldn’t have a problem exchanging numbers.

  • He never picks up when you call his cell.  If you’re constantly leaving him messages, and it takes him awhile to get back to you each time, it’s probable that he’s with someone who would not approve of him speaking with you… you know, like his wife!

  • He calls you or wants to meet at strange times.  Does he ever call you from home?  If he’s always calling you from work, that doesn’t necessarily make him a workaholic!  Is he always “busy” on weekends?  Married men often find an opportunity to be alone and want to see you immediately.  Are his communications erratic… or maybe too regular?

  • Where he lives is a mystery.  You’ve never been to his house.  Obviously, when you’re first getting to know someone, it’s normal to not want to share personal information like where you live.  But after a little while, the question is bound to come up.  If he’s always got an excuse why you should come over—his roommates are irritating or his house is a mess—he could be hiding more than dirty clothes!

  • He won’t talk about his past.  If he only wants to hear about your life—your childhood, friends, and family—and always shrugs off or avoids your questions, he’s definitely hiding something from you.

  • You don’t meet his family or friends.  When two people really connect, and after they get to know each other better, it’s natural for them to want to introduce each other to friends and family.  If he keeps you separate from the rest of his life and the rest of the people in his life, it’s obviously not a good sign.
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