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Choose An Online Dating Site That’s Right For You

With a plethora of online dating sites from which to choose, finding the right one can be an overwhelming task.  There are numerous important factors to consider when finding the best one to suit your needs:

  • Relationship Types:  What kind of relationship types does the site offer?  Heterosexual; homosexual; lesbian; gay; bisexual; dating; long-term relationships; intimate encounters, etc.

  • Region:  Ensure you’re meeting people with whom you’ll be able to connect face-to-face.

  • Cost/Refund Options:  Is there a free trial membership, so you can get a feel of the site?  Are there different pricing options and time periods?  Find one that’s flexible, and ideally, one that offers some sort of free trial membership.  It’s probably a good idea to start with just a one-month membership before making a long-term commitment.  Find out if the plans are auto-renewed, meaning that if you sign up for three months, your credit card might be automatically charged for another three months, as you approach the end of that first membership period.  Also, while you don’t want to be spending a fortune, keep in mind that you get what you pay for to a large extent, so be weary of completely free sites.

  • Safety Screening Process:  What kind of protection does the site offer you?  Ensure the company has good security, privacy, and safety policies in place.  Look specifically for safety features such as the ability to block members (without being penalized).

  • Search Functionality:  In what ways are you able to search?  You’ll want to check that search functions are adequate or you could get very frustrated very quickly.  For example, some sites require you to check off only one specific age category of the person you’re looking for, which could eliminate a great deal of potential matches.

  • Organization/Ease of Use:  Can you navigate through the site easily?  Is there a helpful FAQs section, useful content, or tools to guide you?  The better the site is organized, the more time you can spend corresponding with potential dates!

  • Member Interactivity:  In what ways are you able to communicate with other members?  Look for private web-based email accounts, instant messaging, chat functions, voice and video greetings.

We’ve done the work for you in our reviews!  We’ve carefully evaluated each online dating site according to this set of criteria for your convenience. 

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